Please support Fukushima Kids by supporting Master Sudhakar

Dear All,

This world revolves around a simple logic, a simple principle called “Sharing”.
It starts from the day we were born in this world – the first food was shared from our mother, the first breath was shared from the existing atmosphere. All these have provided us the basis of life. Sharing is the greatest act of this mankind and without sharing, life goes to a standstill.
You might be wondering why I am detailing this to you. Yes, it is for a noble cause. We all are happy with things we have, either owned or abducted, but there are millions of people around us who hadn’t had the privilege to live a life like us. A daytime coffee can mean a lot to others… You could possible cut out buying a fancy jacket that merely bundles up your existing wardrobe. These simple acts can create tremendous change to others. Think about it… It’s a time to contribute.

Vanakkam Yoga School by Master Sudhakar supports below charity to invite Fukushima kids who have been suffering from Tsunami to YogaFest Yokohama 2013.

Please support Fukushima Kids by supporting Master Sudhakar.


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