About Master Sudhakar

Born in the spiritually renowned temple city of Kancheepuram, South India, Sudhakar was blessed to have started practicing yoga at the young age of 11. Although initially sent for yoga practice to learn discipline because he was an unruly child, Sudhakar quickly embraced the wise teachings and spiritual education from his first guru Swami Chandrananda. Establishing a foundation in the yamas and niyamas (social and self disciplines) along with regular asana practice under his guru, Sudhakar transformed from a mischievous young boy to a creative talented yoga student. Under the advice of Swami Chidroopananda, who recognized Sudhakar’s talents and passion to share his master’s teachings, Sudhakar completed his teacher training at the International Sivananda Yoga Centre at the age of 15. As the youngest graduate, Sudhakar was notably awarded ‘Yoga Sharomani’, or ‘Best Teacher’ award.

In 2001, Sudhakar returned to Sivananda, in Kerala, to advance his teaching techniques. His talents as a teacher trainer, his innovative teaching style and commitment to his students, earned him the title, ‘Yoga Yogacharya’, meaning ‘Master of Yoga’. Sudhakar has since founded the Sree Narayana Guru Yoga Institute in India, offering yoga classes for teenagers and adults and has trained thousands of yoga students, many of whom have become yoga champions, both nationally and internationally. From 2006 to 2013, Sudhakar had been teaching in Hong Kong, sharing his school of yoga — Dheesan yoga. And now, he has created the Vanakkam Yoga School — where he is equipping students and yoga practitioners with the right tools to prepare them for their journey through Yogic Philosophy and their Hatha Yoga practice.

A blessing from his mother, Sudhakar was named Sudha, meaning the Sun, with the sincere wish that her son would realise the same light he had bought to her and would share this knowledge with others, transforming darkness to light. Always keeping her wish in his heart, Sudhakar has been committed to share the light that has been granted to him through the knowledge of ancient yoga techniques, gained from his own masters and siddhars. Realising that yoga teaching was a calling, a path chosen for him, Sudhakar has embraced the role of teacher and has taught his students, with the genuine wish that they receive the same life-changing gifts that he has witnessed through his own practice.

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