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Teacher Training Course

【Vision of Yoga】Yoga Alliance RYT200

Master Sudhakar, who has studied yoga since childhood in India, the birthplace of yoga, and has lived yoga in his daily life, will teach you the authentic yoga that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Let's learn the real yoga full of wisdom.

For those who want to deepen their yoga practice, this is the place to start.
Whether you are just starting to deepen your yoga practice or want to learn how to lead a positive life through yoga, this is the place for you.
We welcome all those who sincerely wish to learn the wisdom of yoga for healthy living.

Although Vanakkam Yoga School follows the RYT200 certification curriculum, we do not focus on just to get certified, but rather the life after the 200 hours of study.

It's not about learning, but about experiencing.

It is not because you have a certificate of completion, but because you have actually experienced it yourself that you can confidently share it.

Based on classical texts such as Bhagavad Gita and Hatha Yoga Pradipika, from practice to teaching, from yoga philosophy to how to apply it in daily life, you will learn and experience yoga as yoga for the entire 200 hours.

20 days to make a change and feel the difference

Vision of Yoga, a teacher training course offered by Vanakkam Yoga School, is not about the textbook, but about the participants. Master Sudhakar will guide you to grow by deeply understanding your individual situation and how to specifically approach the physical and internal pains and discomforts of each person with a different background through yoga.

In addition to being able to do asanas that they could not do before, many students have been freed from back pain, hip pain, and insomnia that they have suffered from for years in these 20 days. This is because yoga is not a memorization of textbook-based teaching methods, but rather a prescription for each individual situation, which is useful in practice.

Because of the diversity of participants, young and old, men and women, you can learn what you really need to know.

At Vanakkam Yoga School, students come from all backgrounds, young and old, including office workers, housewives, executives, medical professionals, and students who want to live a healthy and happy life. (The youngest student so far is 13 years old, and the oldest is 88 years old.)

Yoga is not a hobby; its wisdom is an integral part of life. Through yoga, we learn how to overcome the physical, internal, emotional, intellectual, and social worries and problems that we face in all aspects of our lives. Living yoga, which can never be learned in a course that merely conveys a memorized curriculum, is a great advantage for personal growth and for those who wish to pursue a career as a teacher.

Unparalleled Re-Entry Rate Of the 800 students who have completed the course, about half have retaken the same course.

There is no other teacher training course in the world that has such a large number of returning students. Yoga is so profound and intricate that a 200-hour course can be taught in just one asana. The Vision of Yoga course at Vanakkam Yoga School is unique in that it covers the same basic knowledge and practices, but allows students to learn from different aspects at each class, making it a course that is constantly repeated.

Vanakkam Yoga School also places emphasis on the practice of yoga. In addition to increasing knowledge in the form of information, the school also provides ongoing support for students to apply the knowledge in their own practice, teaching, and daily life. This is the only yoga school in Japan where students can continue to study yoga for five to ten years from the same skilled, yet ever-evolving, teacher as they grow.

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【Senior Yoga Teacher Training Course】Yoga Alliance RYT20

In yoga, the term "senior" refers to anyone over the age of fifty. Although Senior Yoga has the name "senior," it is not just for the elderly; it is a course that every yoga teacher should take to learn the basics of yoga.

Approaching not only physical problems, but also the internal problems unique to the elderly

The ability required of a senior yoga teacher is not just to provide exercise that is easy on the body. They need to be able to provide total counseling on the person's daily living environment, including the way they stand, walk, sit, and think, and to prescribe the necessary yoga practice. In this course, you will learn and practice the knowledge and skills necessary for this purpose.

After taking the course, you will no longer be able to say, "If you are in pain, don't strain yourself," which is only kind at the moment. You will learn to truly face your students, improving their quality of life.

A foundation practice for yoga that is not limited to seniors

In the current yoga boom, the focus is on musculoskeletal exercises, such as stretching muscles and moving joints by holding poses.

In fact, classical yoga texts don't even mention musculoskeletal anatomy. They don't take an approach that deepens superficial physical flexibility and strengthening, such as increasing joint range or building muscles. Such a practice has the unfortunate consequence of damaging the body in a regular yoga class.

"There is no point in practicing asana if you don't know what you're going to learn in this senior yoga teacher training course."
It is no exaggeration to say that this course is full of important lessons for yoga practitioners of all ages.

Just as a strong foundation is necessary to build a strong building, practicing asana based on the "Fundamentals of Yoga Asana" learned in the Vanakkam Yoga School Senior Yoga Teacher Training Course will deepen your asana and lead you to the state of asana defined in Maharishi Patanjali's Yoga Sutras: "Sthira Sukham Asanam" Asana is a stable and comfortable posture.

Yoga as Preventive Medicine

The original goal of yoga is health for decades to come, with the ability to lead a comfortable daily life.

"Rather than advising seniors to do 'light, easy exercise,' there are things they can and should be doing now to stay healthy for decades to come." We hope that as we age, it will be with hope, not anxiety, that we will grow older.

"I'm doing yoga, so I'm sure I'll be fine in my old age!"

Why don't you teach your precious family and people around you in the way that they can truly feel so?

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Vanakkam Yoga School is certified by the Yoga Alliance (RYS500). Students can study up to RYT500 as a teacher training course. Upon completion of each teacher training course, students are eligible to apply for the alliance. (You will need to meet certain attendance requirements. Please complete the application process on your own.)

[Vision of Yoga] RYT200
This teacher training enables students to apply for the Yoga Alliance 200-hour certification.
Senior Yoga Teacher Training Course】RYT20
A certificate will be issued upon completion of this course, which can be added to the 20 hours of training toward RYT500.
The Practice] RYT100
This course is for students who have completed Vision of Yoga and can be added to the 100 hours of training toward RYT500.