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6.23 Hatha Yoga Basic Course 2024 – Yoga for Comfortable Daily Life “Yoga Clinic 2024 – Vyagharasana Edition.”

Master Sudhakar

Price :1,230 HK$(tax incl.)




10:00am-12:00pm JST THE Philosophy Lecture “God, Animals, and Humans”
12:45pm-03:45pm JST Vyagharasana Flow 2024


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1,230 HK$(tax incl.)


Vanakkam Yoga School by Master Sudhakar's THE Philosophy Lecture on Basic Hatha Yoga @HOME, which attracts over 300 yoga students every time it is held, whether onsite or online, no matter what the title of the class.
This year's early summer theme is "Vyagharasana" by Master Sudhakar, which is coveted not only by Vision of Yoga students but also by yoga students.

Indian Tiger Asana, Vyagharasana came to Japan with Master Sudhakar's first visit to Japan in 2010. Vyagharasana is the first of Master Sudhakar's yoga prescriptions for yoga students who visit him in Japan with all kinds of aches and pains, from asana practice on the mat to everyday life, and is now known as the "panacea". Master Sudhakar's Vyagharasana, known as the "panacea" of yoga prescriptions, will be performed with flow to relieve the pain of everyone at Yoga Clinic 2024@HOME.

In the beginning of the class, we will discuss the theme of "God, Animals, and Humans" to unravel the relationship between yoga and life. Pain is felt in the body, but the cause of pain is not always physical, but more likely internal. In other words, if you want a life free from pain and disease, it is the inner self and thoughts that need to be adjusted.

Before we "do" yoga, we "listen" to yoga, and we do not limit yoga on the mat or to the body, but "apply" yoga to our daily lives off the mat and in our daily lives, where we spend more time than on the mat or in the yoga studio.

Master Sudhakar's yoga classes are a unique way to benefit from yoga's unique awareness of your speech, thoughts, intellect, and perspective, not to mention your physical body, which allows you to be free of pain and discomfort that you have been carrying for years, and to improve your relationships and outlook on life.

Join us in early summer 2024 for a day of thinking, moving, understanding, reflecting, correcting, and moving forward with the Indian tiger asana, Vyagarasana, also known as Master Sudhakar's signature asana, in the comfort of your home or local area.


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