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9.1Hatha Yoga Basic Course 2024 – Yoga for Comfortable Daily Life “Invitation from Mahabharata”

Master Sudhakar

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Sunday, September 1st , 2024 @HOME
10:00am-12:00pm JST THE Philosophy Lecture “Warriors of Mahabharata”
12:45pm-03:45pm JST Inner Battlefield Bhagavad Gita Flow


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1,230 HK$(tax incl.)


We go to school and read books from an early age and continue to learn as adults, gaining knowledge about history and the world, but no matter how much information we gain, we still spend our days without peace of mind.

This is clearly because we are only increasing our information and knowledge of the society that surrounds us, without any knowledge of our inner self.

As long as our eyes look outside of ourselves and our ears look outside of us, without asking ourselves such questions as who we are, why we were born into this world, and what is the purpose of life, we will never find peace of mind.

What really is yoga, where is my yoga going, and what should we, living in the 21st century, pass on to future generations? A day of reflection and practice with Master Sudhakar, founder of Vanakkam Yoga School, who became the youngest master at Sivananda Ashram in South India and has already spent more than half his life as a yoga master.

Mahabharata, one of India's two great epics in 18 volumes, is well known throughout the world, but even if you do not know the Mahabharata, there is no yoga student who does not know the Bhagavad Gita, the Song of God, which is an excerpt from the Mahabharata. A discussion of life on the battlefield.

The first session of the year, "Invitation to the Mahabharata," the first Hatha Yoga Basic Course 2024@HOME, was held on February 18, and was so popular that it was called a "divine episode" that somehow brought tears to the participants' eyes, there is a mysterious side story about how there are no recordings of it left. Now, on September 1, the Mahabharata returns to homes all over Japan for the third installment of the Hatha Yoga Basic Course 2024@HOME.

Beginning with a philosophy lecture on the Mahabharata, not knowing what part of the Mahabharata will be quoted, and ending with flow, the theme is "Battlefield" and "Warrior", Join us for a day to face yourself and encounter a new you.


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